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Promotion of tik tok — as a guarantee of the development of the company?

Tik Tok is a mobile app that has been gaining huge popularity lately. Its recipients are mostly teenagers and young adults, but the videos are made by people of all ages. More and more companies are choosing to use this medium to promote their products or services to younger users. Why is Tik Tok so popular today? Is this trend worth it?
Tik Tok conquers the world

Launching social media today is extremely important for any online marketing business. Tik Tok is one of the social networks — this application successfully gathers more and more people. What is it about? Tik Tok lets you record short videos with background music, which is a bit like music videos.

Tik Tok is a fairly new trend. It was founded over 5 years ago in China and is known as Douyin there. It is worth noting that in 2020 it was the most popular application in the world — according to official statistics, it was downloaded by the largest number of users. Currently, interest in this site is growing — Tik Tok is constantly gaining new users who spend more and more time on the site. This information is extremely important when companies promote their services or products on various sites. Here https://smmtouch.com/en/buy-tiktok-auto-views you can order TikTok promotion and promotion.

Grab the attention of today’s audience

For some time now, new trends in society can be noticed in the world — we are talking about globalization and the growing popularity of visual content. The world is constantly rushing forward and does not think to slow down.No one else has the time or inclination to devote enough attention to reading an article or a hundred-page book. This is why visual messages like infographics and memes are so popular. The use of social networks allows you to minimize the concentration of attention of the brain. It only takes a few seconds to read a short post or view a photo or video.

What is the most important thing for the modern viewer? In the era of visual media, the most important first seconds of a film are the most important, along with its cover and description. In the Tik Tok application, recordings with music or videos are available in which users demonstrate their funny visions. It is worth noting here that this site allows you to record a 3-minute video, but on average, the materials published are 15-60 seconds long. This is due to the fact that users themselves want to watch very short, funny and inspiring videos, and not videos that require increased attention. Why is it worth betting on ads on Tik Tok?

Popularity of Tik Tok

Tik Toku currently has up to 500 million active users. In Poland, the majority are young people, mostly teenagers and young people from small towns and villages. Moreover, in our country this application is mainly used by women and celebrities. Users spend up to 70 minutes every day checking a website about 10 times a day. It should also be noted here that it is in this application that the most interaction with other people occurs — users contact each other more often than on Facebook or Instagram.Which company should focus on Tok Toku?

Tik Tok gives you the opportunity to promote your own brand if the target buyers of goods or services are young people. The application is currently dominated by entertainment or lifestyle entries. Movies are usually about beauty or fashion, but also about fitness, cooking, dance and life hacks, and the video itself is full of funny scenes, jokes, dances, live streams or tutorials. It is for this reason that you can and even need to set up a fitness club, a clothing store, a store with various gadgets, such as from movies, a cosmetics store, a beauty salon or a dance school, etc. on your Tik Tok account.

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